Research methods sociology students can use

1. Research is an important aspect of sociology. It makes wonder where we would be if we did not have sociologists conducting research. So from what we have read in the textbook, what would you say is an important part of learning about research? I think that students should learn research because it is how sociologists have learned and am learning about people.

2. Ethics are important because it sets the way and direction or how a researcher should act. If a researcher pays attention to ethics, especially Christian ethics, they would and could conduct their research in a correct and moral manner. What do you think?

3. Social research is often related to the desire to make a difference in helping to solve problems related to contemporary social issues we face. Is there a relationship between theory, research, and policy/practice?  What drives change—practice, theory, or research?  How do you envision the different research methods impacting your approach to a given social problem?

4. When it comes to applied and basic research, would it depend on what one is researching and the context of it?

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