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On successful completion of this paper, successful students should be able to:


1.    Identify and apply appropriate theory and models of leadership.

2.    Have developed self-awareness of their own personal attributes relevant to leadership.

3.    Recognise leadership styles and approaches appropriate to personal and organisational challenges.

4.    Have analytical decision making abilities to achieve desired organisational outcomes.

5.    Demonstrate positive leadership skills in practical exercises.

6.    Recognise the ethical dimensions of leadership and know how to act ethically in their leadership.

7.    Comprehend multi-cultural leadership issues relevant to Maori, Pasifika and Asian cultures.

Paper Requirements


To successfully complete this paper, the following conditions must be met:

·                Obtain a final minimum mark of 50% overall in the paper;

·                Submit all assessments. If any assessment is not handed in, a DNC grade will be awarded for the paper. NOTE: As per the General Academic Regulations of University, if you do not submit a completed compulsory component, you may be withdrawn from the paper.

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