Outsourcing and Work Force Strategy

In part (a) discussion , you have to write about outsourcing and how it can be used in organizations , how it can help the employees and organizations ,what HR functions normally outsourced, any one or two examples of big organizations who have done outsourcing and whether they got benefits or loss, basically advantages and disadvantages and what were the reasons behind outsourcing.

Secondly you have to describe e-HRM and how it can be helpful in outsourcing, and you have to describe whether it is advantageous for outsourcing or disturbing for outsourcing. Don’t write more than one paragraph for this.

NOTE: i need 8 to 9 peer reviewed journal articles in this part , and the reference style must be “HARVARD REFERENCING”..



In part (b) discussion , you have to dicuss work force development strategy in nursing department, and you have to propose a workforce strategy according to the format given in word file and pdf file which i have mailed you in last mail.

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