Organizational assessment and strategic analysis

Change is inevitable! Successful organizations thrive because they have a vision, a mission and a strategy, and when faced with change they are quick to take action. They are successful because they understand their clients’ needs, respond to their employees and react to the changing times. One sure way to success is the way organizational change is managed. Change is nearly unattainable without leadership support and a strong management team. Leaders are a foundation to the success of an organization.

The purpose of this entire assignment is to conduct an organizational assessment and analyze strategies to lead and manage organizational change through the lens of an Advanced Practice Nurse Leader. For the purpose of this assignment, the term organization is defined as a nursing unit, clinic, department, hospital, community or health care system, college/university, or any nursing regulatory body.

There are two parts to Assignment 5, parts A#5a and A#5b. This first part, A#5a is called: The Preliminary Paper: Organizational Overview, Recommendation, & References. The assignment is an introductory paper (information gathering) to the larger assignment A#5b: Organizational Assessment and Change Through Leadership paper. This current assignment will provide support for the larger assignment and the content constructed for this assignment is to serve as a foundation for the information you will embed in the larger assignment A#5b. Please review the detailed instructions for specifics regarding the assignment.

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