nursing education

An important issue in nursing education, and one that has contributed to the nursing shortage, is the lack of qualified nursing faculty. Attracting, selecting, and retaining nursing faculty is an important job for all faculty members. As a faculty member of a new nursing program you have been given the job of developing a job description for new nursing faculty for the BSN program. The program needs faculty for all major nursing areas: medical/surgical, maternal/child, pediatrics, community health, and psych/mental health. You have also been asked to develop a guide for interviewing prospective candidates. Finally, you have been asked to develop a strategy for retaining nursing faculty in your program.


A. Develop a job description for nursing faculty (suggested length of 1 page). This may be a job description for any one of the specialties and may be for a position that is only theory, only clinical, or a combination of both theory and clinical. The job description should designate which type of position it is. Include the following in your description:
1. Position requirements (e.g., required education, experience, and scholastic endeavors and achievements)
2. Position responsibilities (e.g., expectations of job including amount and type of teaching/interaction with students, other program responsibilities).

B. Develop a candidate selection process for a nursing faculty position (suggested length of 1 page) in which you do the following:
1. Develop specific questions about education, degrees, nursing specialization, certifications, past clinical nursing experience, and scholastic endeavors and achievements.
2. Develop at least three open-ended questions that address the candidate’s philosophy and beliefs about nursing education, the role of nursing faculty, competency-based education, or other education styles.

C. Develop a faculty retention plan (suggested length of 1-2 pages).
1. Support your plan by addressing issues that the current literature reports relating to nursing faculty turnover.

D. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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The current issues of nursing education are examined in this well-ordered study of the relationship of training to general education.

The various types of degree programs are studied, and the methodology and research techniques for analyzing those programs are reviewed.

Nursing level positions are examined in a regional study of American hospitals, and the relation of responsibilities to training and administrative functions is considered.

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