NUR4467 Promoting Maternal, Pediatric, & Family Health Scholarly Paper Instructions

For this paper, use the knowledge of maternal health you have acquired this semester to discuss the assigned disease/system disorder. Utilize APA format with a minimum of three scholarly references from the last five years.  The course textbook should be used as one reference.  The scholarly paper length requirement is 5-10 pages, not including the cover and reference pages. Please follow the directions below and use the rubric provided to guide the development of the paper. 

  1. Introduction (10%) (Not labeled as such in APA)
    In the introduction, introduce the topic of the paper and provide some basic pathophysiology related to the disease/system disorder.
  1. Assessment (20%)

In the assessment section of the scholarly paper provide evidence that demonstrates risk factors, expected findings, laboratory tests, and diagnostic procedures for the disease/system disorder.  Clearly define the topics and provide in-text citations to support the information.

  1. Health Promotional Initiatives (15 %)

Discusses in detail the health promotional activity that the patient will engage. Include how to measure the achievement of the desired outcome. This initiative must be grounded in evidence and support the person attaining the highest degree of health and well-being.

  1. Patient-Centered Care (25 %)

Describe in detail how nursing care, therapeutic procedures, medications, client education, and interprofessional collaboration would be beneficial for the achievement of optimal health for the disease/system disorder.  Utilize Evidence-Based Practice guidelines when applicable to support all points.

  1. Conclusion (15%)
    In this section of the paper, summarize the paper discussing evidence that supports or refutes the efficacy of these pharmacological interventions. Also discuss Evidence-Based Practice guidelines related to nursing interventions.
  2. Integration of Evidence and Theory (10%)

The expectation for this criterion include:

  • Integrating credible, relevant sources regarding the disease/system disorder.
  • Consistently using information in ways that are true to original context. Always distinguishing between own ideas or common knowledge and ideas requiring attribution.
  • The use of scholarly articles integrated within the paper must be published within 5 years.
  1. Organization, Presentation Style, Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Formatting (10%)
    The expectation for this portion of the paper include:
  • A well written, organized, paper supported by 3 current scholarly references (last 5 years).
  • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • APA standards for citations and reference page.

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