Network Solution for Extension Site

Your manager recently received a request from the nursing school to integrate its isolated network into DeVry’s campus network. After a site survey and a number of meetings, specific requirements for the nursing school were identified.

As the network engineer, your manager has asked you to provide a solution that incorporates these requirements into DeVry’s current campus network. Additionally, he asks that your solution consider the university’s current network budget, so cost-effectiveness is a major consideration.

Design Requirements

Your network solution should address the need to integrate the nursing school network into your newly designed campus network. The nursing school network needs to be redesigned with the following devices.

1.       One router with three interfaces

2.       One fixed port switch

3.       Four subnets and VLANs

4.       Voice, four video surveillance cameras , and data support

5.       Twenty-four currents hosts with anticipated growth

6.       One local file and DHCP server






You are required to prepare a detailed network report for your manager at the next scheduled meeting.

Your report should include the following.

1.       Type of networking equipment, switches, router, and so forth

2.       Network requirements based on current and future needs


3.       A proposal for a cost-effective method to interconnect the nursing school to the DeVry campus network because it is remote

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