Mental Health Nursing paper

For this project you will be assigned to a group and each group will be given a topic of debate. Faculty will assign whether your group will be the “pro” or “con”
side in the debate. In addition to working with your group on the project, you will also write a one to two page paper. You will be graded on your paper, and
the presentation of your group and individual work in a debate that will be held on campus. Guests may be invited to attend the debate.
1. Faculty will assign groups, the topic to each group and the stance of the group- pro or con.
a. Family members should not be involved in a mental patient’s diagnosis (i am speaking for the motion that family members should not know the diagnosis of the patient considering the law of patient’s confidentiality; hint use HIPAA- HEALTH INFORMATION PORTABLE ACT)
2. Students will work in their groups to prepare for the debate.
a. During the debate your group will be expected to professionally and respectfully defend your side.
b. Each group should be prepared to defend the assigned stance by having a thorough understanding of both sides in the debate and by
referencing evidence based or peer reviewed resources in support of the arguments made during the debate.
c. See the rubric below for grading criteria for both the group and individual.
3. Each student will prepare and submit an individual paper on the topic and stance assigned to their group.
a. The paper is due one week prior to the group’s scheduled debate.
b. The paper must be a minimum of two pages, excluding the title and reference page.
c. You must include at least one evidence-based or peer reviewed resource to support your work.
d. The resource must be within the past five (5) years, you must have approval from faculty to use references older than five (5) years.
e. You must follow APA guidelines.

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