Mental Disorders and Data Screening

(Part 1a) Using one of the research methods discussed in the text, locate and read a recent, full-text article from the Capella Library that utilizes biological research in the study of a particular disorder or behavior. Choose a disorder or behavior you will most likely work with in your particular area of specialization. The study should utilize one or more of the research techniques of behavioral genetics (such as twin studies, adoption studies, targeted mutations, or psychophysiological techniques not related to genetics). Summarize the article, and outline the problem and the hypotheses of the study. Which research techniques were used?

Analyze and explain how these techniques were helpful in answering the research questions.

Cite and reference your article using APA formatting.

(Part 1b) Data Screening

What are the goals of data screening? How can you identify and remedy the following?

Errors in data entry.


Missing data.

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