Levels of Prevention in a Community

Consider primary and secondary prevention for the population at risk in your community.


Because you are experts on tertiary care, you need to focus your project on primary and secondary prevention at the community or system level of care. Sometimes organizing interventions at all three levels will help you to focus your project on primary prevention at the community and system level of care. You may include a secondary prevention at the community and system level of care.  Just make sure you cover primary prevention well. (See shaded cells in the table below.) Note any gaps in care in your community at this time WRITE 250 WORDS PAPER, This week try to find examples of prevention levels which are already in place in your community

 Nursing Interventions/Services
Level of PreventionIndividual / FamilyCommunitySystem
PrimaryThis is an important  area to address, but do not focus your project on the individualFocus of ProjectFocus of Project
SecondaryDo not focus on individuals  for this  projectYou may include secondary prevention in addition to primary preventionYou may include a focus on secondary prevention in addition to primary prevention
TertiaryUp to now most of your practice has been focused at this level of care.(Acute Care) In this course you will focus on primary prevention


Please address the following in your discussions:  POPULATION OF INTEREST : (Hispanic children of Georgia are  at-risk population of oral diseases )

  • Share your progress:  your population of interest and your initial ideas on what is needed to address the health problem. (If it is helpful, use the chart above to map all levels of prevention. Highlight primary prevention and post for the group.)
  • What do you know about this group so far? Who have you contacted about the population at risk?
  • Where is the gap in care to address and prevent this health problem?.
  • Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature

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