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Kirca and Yaprak (2010) develop a five-stage framework and research practices commonly associated with each of the five stages in their framework, which they summarize in Table 1 on p. 307. In this fourth SLP assignment, your job is to:

  • Apply the Kirca and Yaprak five-stage framework to identify the meta-analysis stages and practices described in the articles by Riketta (2008) and Harrison, Newman, and Roth (2006).

SLP Assignment Expectations

  1. Fill in the table in the Identification and Assessment of Meta-Analysis Stages and Practicesto focus and structure your work.
  2. Search carefully within each article for information as to whether and how the authors describe the five meta-analytic stages and associated practices proposed by Kirca and Yaprak. Note that the information regarding a practice may appear in more than one place in the article, or in a section that seems unrelated to the section heading. In other words, the evidence of each practice could potentially appear anywhere in the article.
  3. Once you have assembled this information in the table, briefly critique the extent to which “the coding process proceeded with rigor and that all relevant possible studies were included in the database” (Kirca & Yaprak, p. 311) in the Riketta (2008) and Harrison, et al. (2006) studies, and to make recommendations to the authors for how they could strengthen confidence in the comprehensiveness of the studies included in their sample.

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