Interprofessional communication

Read the Met call Transcript bellow, prepare a written report (~1000

words) including:

• Identification of four (4) examples of effective or ineffective teamwork

and/or communication in the scenario. This can be presented in a table

or as dot points.

• Discussion, using the literature, about how each identified example of

effective/ineffective teamwork and/or communication can impact on the:

◦ Patient (approx. 300 words, informed by 2-3 references)

◦ Staff (approx. 300 words, informed by 2-3 references)

Organisation (approx. 300 words, informed by 2-3 references).

Read the transcripts bellow and uses these resources as your

references to answer the report.

Starting references are provided below to assist you with beginning your

student report/CAP. Please note, however, that you are expected to find

and include additional references in your report.

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