Information Management in Practice

The applications of an information management system are only as functional as the humans and computing processes working with the system. In her study in the Journal of Nursing Management, Phillips (2005) refers to good information management as “the use of all information, through organized systems of all forms, whether based on human endeavors, paper methods or information technology” (p. 525). Ultimately, all of an organization’s information use should be in support of its mission. In order for information to be as usable as Phillips suggests, it must progress through the data-information-knowledge continuum. Analyzing an organization’s information management practices helps streamline the conversion of raw data into information that can be used to create knowledge.


In this Discussion, you focus on the information management practices within a health care organization and consider how these practices help support the mission statement of the Hospital.


To prepare:


  • Referring to the Phillips statement above and this week’s Learning Resources, consider how your current or previous work setting (hospital) could benefit from an information management analysis.
  • Locate the mission statement for your health care organization or an organization with which you are familiar. Consider how current information management practices support the organization’s mission statement. If there is a lack of evidence of support, what changes could be made to strengthen these practices?
  • Reflect on how data is organized into information, and the information is then used to create knowledge. How is this data-information-knowledge model used in your hospital? Consider how using this model could improve practice within your organization.

    Post  a minimum of 550 words in APA format with a minimum of 4 references

    1) A brief description of your selected hospital’s information management practices and an explanation of how the organization could benefit from an information management analysis.

    2) Explain the degree to which the hospital’s current information management practices support its mission statement and provide suggestions for strengthening these practices.

    3) Evaluate the use of the data-information-knowledge model within your selected hospital and provide suggestions for how it could be used to improve practice within the organization

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