Human Behavior Fire Research Project

Develop a PowerPoint presentation on one of the following topics:

1. Human behavior/factors for public fire safety educators in your departments. Target Audience: Fire Safety

Educators in your department.

2. Model behavior for fires at a nursing home. Target Audience: Employees of a nursing home in your jurisdiction.

3. Considerations of designing a fire drill for college dormitory residents. Target Audience: Dormitory Resident

Assistants for a local college/university in your jurisdiction.

Once you have chosen your topic, your presentation should also incorporate:

1. how psychology and sociology factors influence the human behavior within your topic;

2. how socioeconomic factors may influence your topic;

3. how human behavior affects evacuation and rescue procedures for you topic; and

4. what aspects of panic does your topic audience need to be aware of?

Use the list of research documents located in Suggested Reading, as well as research documents you find on your own as sources for your presentation.

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