Hourly rounding in the workplace

Each student will choose a PICO question on a clinical nursing topic of interest and develop a critical appraisal of the literature for application to nursing practice. The PICO question will first be approved by the professor; then 5-8 references will be submitted for review (a minimum of 5 must be peer reviewed research articles from professional nursing journals); followed by individual summaries and critiques of the references; then, submission of the final paper with Professor’s feedback incorporated into the final version. Each student will post a brief summary power point presentation of their findings on the assigned day and respond to classmate remarks. Detailed grading criteria will be provided for the presentation.

This 5-6 page paper must be completed in APA format (1” margins, double spaced, 12 font) including a cover page and reference page with a minimum of 5-8 references (not included in page number). No abstract is required.

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