Getting on Target with Community Health Advisors

Read: Story, L., Mayfield-Johnson, S., Downey, L. H., Anderson-Lewis, C., & Day, R. (2010). Getting on Target with Community Health Advisors (GOTCHA): An innovative stroke prevention project. Story et al. GOTCHA. Nursing Inquiry, 17(4), 373-384.
  1. Discuss the goals, implementation, and evaluation of the program.
  2. What would you change to increase effectiveness of the program and why?
  3. What do you view as strengths of the program and why?

As a graduate student, research is a focal point of your education; therefore, it is important for you to understand how to search for and use only credible sources in the variety of scholarly papers that you will be expected to write. It is also important that you know the difference between a reference page, an annotated bibliography and a literature review.
In preparation for the literature review for your health promotion proposal, identify two scholarly (peer-reviewed, evidence-based) sources and two sources from professional and credible websites (i.e. NIH, CDC, etc.). All sources should support your community health promotion proposal. You may choose from sources outside of nursing if applicable.

Develop a review of the literature you selected, demonstrating how it will support your health promotion proposal and post it here. Provide feedback to a minimum of two peers, as well.

post 1

Explain three pros and three cons for each policy change option and debate the option analysis with your peers and instructor.

post 2

Continuing with your policy change proposal, post a copy of your Unit 5 Assignment policy change options scorecard analysis with a list of four measurable goals related to your proposed change. Defend your choice of one policy change option as the best to use to implement your proposed amendment based on the analysis of the financial outcome data in the scorecard with peers and the instructor.

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