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Environmental Ethics

How do we judge the value of the environment?  Do we privilege humans more than the environment?  Are animals more important than humans or the environment?  Is it morally congruent to adapt the environment to suit humanity or societies’ needs?  Is environmentalism an ideology or a moral imperative?  How do we judge competing environmental needs?  What is the role of water in our environment?  Should there be an environment or water caretaker?


This assessment task is designed to develop research, critical thinking and reading skills. The themed essay is essentially about you demonstrating your understanding of ethical theories, for example, Kant, Utilitarianism, environmental ethics, virtue ethics and justice, through the development of a persuasive argument about one of the key themes (globalisation, corporate social responsibility, environmental ethics or stakeholders).


Your themed essay should be in the following format:

1.     Introduction: this section should briefly define the theme and your stance on the question.

2.     Discussion: this section should develop your position in relation to the topic.  In developing this argument, identify where readings have challenged your ideas about business ethics and discuss at least two ethical theories and link them to key points raised in the prescribed and recommended readings (the literature).

  1. Conclusion:  this should tie the key points from your discussion together.  A higher quality essay will include some indication of the ethical implications on business practices of your argument and key points.
  2. References: Use the Harvard referencing system.  The reference section should list alphabetically each reference cited in the body of your essay.  You must use 5 articles from the Prescribed list in the unit guide plus 5 additional scholarly journal articles from the Recommended reading list or that you locate yourself.  Any other non academic journal references are not included in the count of 10 journal articles stated above.

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