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Engineering case study

Select a case study in engineering, i.e., BP oilspill, Bhopal chemical leak, etc.

Explain the disaster or mishap.

Select an approach to ethics — Kantian Deontological Ethics, Aristotelian Virtue Ethics or Utilitarianism (Bentham). Explain how the ethical style is used to make ethical judgments.

Use the approach to ethics you selected to analyze the case.

Be sure to utilize the required reading in your explanation of the style of ethics.

The paper should be at least five pages in length.

Include a complete bibliography.

Credit all of your sources.



In the above is the question, I have choose the BP oil spill disaster, and I choose the Aristotelian Virtue Ethics as a style of ethic. here is a resource that we should use




and we can use other resources also I upload a video that you can use it to understand the style of ethic but not as a resource. you must watch it to understand really well. as you read the question the paper should be in a five pages long double space.

In the paper you need to write about the disaster itself and then explain the Aristotelian Virtue Ethics then applied it on the disaster. be sure it will be free plagiarism, quality work.

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