Cultural issues in nursing

This is part of an ongoing project, this is some of the information that I have used and the references that I will be including. This list may be helpful to you in this paper but they only have to be listed if they are used by you. Texts must be in text & on reference page according to APA 6th edition.

For this written assignment you will be setting up a proposal for a study that would revolve around a quantitative design that uses statistical analysis.

For this assignment you will be describing your population, setting up a realistic design and methodology, explaining your statistical tools, and evaluating the importance of the analyses.  You will be describing things related to the timeline of the study, measurement of the variables, data analysis, and participant information.  Try to put together a thoughtful proposal that makes sense.  Do not try to get too complicated and go into areas that you are not familiar with.  For example, do not propose that you will be usingcluster analysistechniques if you have never used this statistical technique before.  It is quite advanced and would require a thorough and complex design.  Keep it simple and within the realm of your experience and knowledge.

I have only completed 1 class of statistics so, I only have a basic understanding and would not know anything too complicated.

You will not actually be carrying out this statistical project.  You are only being asked to set up a general plan for how you might go about doing it if you actually needed to.

For this assignment you should keep in mind the following general elements that are required to be addressed in the final paper:

•The population segment selected. Elderly abused  Who are they?  What do they have in common?  Etc.

•The personal, professional, and ethical implications of social issues on society.

•The one or more social issues that affect the chosen population segment.

•The statistics and background data to document the social issues.

•At least two of the most significant challenges to solving the two social issues chosen.

•Inclusion of the sociocultural factors contributing to the issues.

•A potential, statistical research project that directly relates to one or both of the two issues

that you have identified  in relation to your chosen population segment.

As in all papers, make sure that you include separate cover and reference pages.  The pages should all be formatted according to the APA writing guidelines.  All sources must be properly cited in the body of the work and referenced in the reference section.  The more thorough the paper is the better it will be.  For example, do not try to address all of these elements above in one or two pages.

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